Robin on the Road in Trerice Cornwall, UK

Robin on the Road in Trerice Cornwall, UK
Robin on the Road in Trerice Cornwall, UK

Monday, January 13, 2014


Every time I put gas in my car I feel like I'm getting scammed!
I think I'm pretty well over it and of course most folks are going to say that it would be nuts to give up one's car in the dead of winter while living in rural Vermont. Rural Vermont? That's redundant.
What was I saying? Oh yeah.
I often feel like I have to make a choice between eating better or feeding my car. Between the price of gas, insurance premiums and the low monthly payments I signed up for when I bought the stupid thing, the balance of my bank account hovers at around, hmmmm, zero! 
Well, OK it's not that low but it does make it hard to save money. And why have we all been brought up to believe that having a car equals success. I hear people say stuff like that all the time. For example, I recently heard someone say, "If I could get my license back, then I could get a car and then I'd be all set". Or something to that effect.  That part about "getting their license back". That speaks to a different issue. But I digress.
Not to mention that I've gained about 5 pounds with all that butt sitting I do. Though I suppose working at a bakery doesn't help.
 I will force myself to ride, take a bus, hitch hike or walk to where I need to go. Because this shit is killing me.
 I've lived car free before, for about 3 years. I saved a ton of money and while it's true I didn't go very far from home I actually felt more free.
Now here is an interesting tidbit: In a recent search around the internet (and granted I couldn't possibly find nearly a tenth of what's actually out there), most of the blogs I searched about cycle commuting for the most part are oriented toward urban areas.
So, now I'm on a quest to find a blog about rural cycle commuting.
I'll keep you posted. 

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