Robin on the Road in Trerice Cornwall, UK

Robin on the Road in Trerice Cornwall, UK
Robin on the Road in Trerice Cornwall, UK

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bike Overnight VT/NY May 2014

By traveling self supported I can take as long as I like...
My favorite way to spend a long weekend: Nowhere to go and all day to get there...
3 days and 2 nights.

Day 1) Ride began at the Charlotte/Essex Ferry on the Vermont side.( Beginning with a leisurely start of the 11:00 AM ferry west to the New York side and cycling from Essex, NY following country lanes and a section of route 22/9N through Westport, NY and Port Henry to Crown Point to the Crown Point State Park for the first night. Hot showers and other amenities are available.
Day 2) Retrace the ride for a few miles before picking up the more scenic and far more mellow Lake Road. This connects back up to 22/9N again until you can pick up the Shore-Airport Road all the way in to Ticonderoga, plenty of history there. Take the ferry back over to Vermont on a cable guided barge and pedal or meander along the coast to the D.A.R. State Park Campground just across the bridge from Crown Point. Hot showers are available but you need quarters.
Day 3) Lots of options for cycling. I followed the smallest, least trafficked roads to the Little City of Vergennes, Vermont. I stopped for a late breakfast and in time for the town Memorial Day parade replete with Vermont State Governor Peter Shumlin, Senator Bernie Sanders and a host of other local dignitaries.
I took my time going back to Charlotte. I was out there so I might as well really explore. I took a side ride over to 
Kingsland Bay State Park. There is some camping but the signs say it is by reservation and part of a designated kayak trail. From there you have to make your way back out to route 7 to get back to Charlotte.

Build up of warm moist air over the lake
Fortunately we did NOT get hit by thunder storms.

Pull cord, call the ferry

Here is a throw back to another time. Just sitting 
there in front of some one's barn.

Things to do and see along the way.

Eat of course. Our first stop on the New York side was the Dogwood Bread Company 2576 County Rt 10 Wadhams, NY rumored to have the best cinnamon rolls that side of the Lake.
The birding was great! I'm an avid "twitcher" as they like to call us in the UK and I saw plenty of bird life. There are any number of platforms and perches on the power and telephone poles along the way. I saw no fewer than 3 pairs of nesting Osprey and I'm sure there are many, many more. 

I also caught a glimpse of a Bobolink. They have the craziest song but their habitat is threatened what a surprise) and their numbers are dwindling.  Check out how you can help: (

And let's NOT ever forget where our food comes from...

There are a number of bike shops in the area:
The Bike Center in Middlebury, VT is the closest shop to where I live. Excellent service. I have had good luck with these guys. They also sell quite a few used, refurbished bikes. (
In Vergennes it's Little City Cycles (
Then up in Burlington there is: The Old Spokes Home.
Very knowledgeable staff and some real passion for cycling. They house an incredible museum of bikes in a barn in the back of the shop. (

OK, Thanks for reading this

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Gavin said...

Fantastic post! What a great introduction to your blog. I think I may be hooked. Although I typically prefer to trailblaze and let an unplanned adventure unfold, in this case I'd love to follow your mini-journey. I also dig your photos. You've got a great eye.